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Olethros is a mystic theurge who was born near the end of the Age before Ages, at the height of the Thassilonian empire. Through his bond with the Godess Lisalla, and his own magical prowess, he was able to escape the certain death of the starfall that started the Age of Darkness.

Lisala’s Power has waned since the fall of Thassilon, and she is now naught but whispers in the wind. The god of magic, Nethys, sensed the power of the wayward Theurge, and bestowed his patronage upon him. Olethros is now reborn time and again into many different eras, being called to action at the crux of fate, when the world needs him most.

Olethros found himself to awaken in his home province of Varisia without much notion of what it was Nethys saw the need to call him in for. He learned of an ominous blot in the sky above the seedy town of Riddleport, and grew uneasy at the omen that seemed somehow distantly familiar. He had everything torn from him the moment the starstone fell, and he was prepared to do everything in his power to prevent the coming of a second darkness.


Born into the slave caste during the height of the Thassilonian empire, Olethros never had grand aspirations for his life, and simply tended to his duties as the Grand Temple of Lissala in the province of Bakrakhan to the best of his abilities. His time around the temple allowed him to become an accomplished cleric of Lisala by the time he was a young man. Eventually his bond of servitude was transferred to the church itself, so that he may better serve the church. His position within the church of the goddess of magic gave him many opportunities to study arcane tomes and other magical writings. Through his enlightened patron, and leaning on the fundamentals of casting learned as a cleric, Olethros started down the esteemed path of wizardry.

Many hard years of study and service followed as he continued down the path of the mystic theurge. Lisalla was a demanding and unforgiving mistress, and she punished failure among her faithful with a strong hand Olethros was well accustomed to his life as a pawn of fate, and this lifestyle more or less came to suit him, and learned not to despair his lack of freedom, but instead celebrate the fact that his life had been given meaning by the almighty divine. His religious duties took him to the far corners of the empire, distant Azlant, and beyond to the lesser kingdoms beyond the borders as an ambassador representing the will of the church


The empire was eventually brought to the brink of civil war by the rivalry between Runelord Alaznist and and Runelord Karzoug, and Olethros got sent in to ease the tensions as a neutral party. It was at these negotiations that Olethros met the one of runelord Alaznist’s apprentices, the most strikingly beautiful…and terrifying woman he had ever met, the young noblewoman Lyssa. Runelord Alaznist had a reputation for selecting volatile students, but Lyssa was a notch above the others, her fiery passions flaring up on more than one occasion during the summit. Her wrath broke past her willingness to restrain it, and Olethros had to step in to contain her. The Duel that ensued raged on unrelentingly, destroying much of the embassy in the process. The duel ended in a draw when both were caught in the blast of a partially reflected fireball. The peace summit was ultimately considered a failure for diplomacy, but it marked the beginning of a new era for Olethros.


Olethros woke up in an unfamiliar bed, bandaged and broken. After mustering the strength to venture out of his recovery room, he discovered that he was at the heart of Alaznist’s Realm, inside the fortress in Xin-Bakrakhan. Tales of the duel between Olethros and Lyssa had impressed Alaznist. The Runelord had managed to convince the church to transfer Olethros’ bond of servitude over to her budding apprentice, whom she felt cold use an attendant to help take the edge off her personality, while also being able to survive more than a single round of sparring. From that day forward, the theurge and the evoker were inseperable.


While he enjoyed new freedoms and companionship, Olethros couldn’t help but remark to himself that at the end of the day, he was still subject to the whims of a mistress with a bad temper and a penchant for flinging spells at those who displeased her. The two of them traveled and toiled together for many years, making quite a name for themselves in the process. Eventually, in recognition for his deeds, the Runelord Alaznist freed him from his bonds of slavery, and bestowed upon him the name of Olethros. Although he was now free of any obligation to her, Olethros couldn’t tear himself away from the woman he had come to love, and proposed to Lyssa not long after. The two of them were married in the halls of the grand temple of Lissala, with many honored figures in the empire attending. People often said that the bond made before the eyes of the Goddess of fate and magic is a bond made for eternity, though in this case that would prove more true than anybody had ever expected.

They shared many years together thereafter until the spring years of their lives were nearly behind them, but all things must come to an end eventually. The whispers of a cataclysm coming for the world had been proven true all too late, and there was nothing that could be done to prevent it at that point, and all that was left was for the two of them to face the impending disaster, find a comfortable spot with a good view and wait for the world to end together.


Olethros had not expected to ever awake, yet awake he did, with the dim feeling that he had been in stasis for a long time. A voice spoke directly into his mind, and told him a great many things. It told him that he was now in a city at the heart of the maelstrom, of the fall of Thassilon, the devastation of Golarion, and the ruin of all that he had held dear. The voice identified itself as Nethys, the god of magic that had succeeded Lisala after she had faded away. He explained that Lisala’s final service unto her faithful was to put the strongest of them into a magical stasis, to protect them from the worst of the appocalypse, with the intent to one day re-awaken them, though none could hear more than whispers from the goddess after the starfall. Nethys told him that he had need of powerful heroes who were inclined towards magic, that Olethros was to be an agent of his will in the mortal realms. In exchange for this, Olethros would regain a link with a god of magic, and have a chance to search for his missing wife. It was not a decision he had to think about long.

Golarion was a right mess when he returned, but the re-awakening had sapped much of his strength, and in order to travel around more safely in the age of darkness, he teamed up with a band of adventurers. This band of adventurers performed many heroic deeds together, from overthrowing tyrants, to slaying extraplanar horrors. Olethros began to understand that Nethys was the sort of patron that gently guided his faithful along their path, rather than whipping them into place as his previous patron had done, and that this was exactly how the god had been intending for him to serve all along. For many years Olethros fought ever harder battles, all the while searching for signs of where his beloved may lie in stasis, for many years he searched in vain. Eventually the band of heroes bit off more than they could chew when they were trying to strike down a conquerors from the shadow plane who had been empowered by the return of zon-kuthon.


In their darkest hour, Lyssa showed up with fury and hellfire to help save the day. She explained that Nethys had managed to find her as well, and offered her a similar terms for service. The bond of fate that bound Lyssa to Olethros had proved to endure the eons and past the end of the world. The wayward wizards could only push forward into the unknown, for there was no longer a home for them to return to. And so they pushed on through the eons, trying their best to put back the world back together, hoping some day to return civilization to the heights it had once known. Each time he would reawaken, sapped of his power having to start from the ground up again, and separated from Lyssa, and each time he would gain power and be reunited with her.

This time he has awakened in the familiar landscape of Varisia. Although he does not know what is afoot, he can feel that the scope of what awaits him this time is unlike anything he has gone up against so far. He has taken up with the the cypher mages in the city of riddleport, hoping that by solving the mysteries of the cyphergate, he can find the way forward.


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