Vexxx, the Sailor's Surprise



If we pay them enough, they will be loyal.

This has always been the motto of Vexx, a true lover of sailors. His knowledge of them is vast as a barrel of water and deep as a the hull of a barge. Not much is known about Vexx before he came to Korvosa, but there he mistook Vencarlo’s school for a sailor’s bar and upon finding out it was not, he went with it because he could probably learn how to impress sailors and earn their loyalty through his martial skills. He enjoyed his time at the school mostly thanks to a fellow student, whose suave demeanor reminded him of those romance books that have the bare chested sailor’s on them. Vexx always wanted to be on one of those, holding the sailor tight to him, smelling his salty hair and feeling the unwashed skin of the scurvy stricken sailor.

But eventually he had to move on, since Korvosa began to fall into chaos, and sailors didn’t go there nearly enough for Vexx’s thirst to be quenched. Then he heard whispers of a promised land, a place where there were so many sailors that he would probably die: Riddleport. So Vexx hurried off to Riddleport, trying to figure out ways to buy sailors of his own, that he could watch them handle ropes and vomit over the side of the ship. His little sailor trembled at the thought.

Vexxx, the Sailor's Surprise

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