Outcast Alchemist


STR 15/ DEX 15/ CON 12/ INT 16/ WIS 12/ CHA 10

AC 15/ Touch 12/ FF 13 FORT 4/ REF 5/ WILL 1

Appraise 8 (2)
Athletics 1 (2) [Armour Penalty -1]
Cr: Alchemy 13 (2) [Class feature 2 + Skill Focus 3]
Cr: Painting 8 (2)
Cr: Poetry 7 (1)
Diplomacy 6 (2) [Add 2 when gathering information]
Disable Device 6 (2)
Intimidate 7 (1) [Based off INT]
Kn: Nature 8 (2)
Lore: Riddleport 1 (1)
Sense Motive 3 (2) [Add 2 when getting a hunch on social situation]
Sleight of Hand 5 (1)

Formulae Known
Adhesive Spittle
Cure Light Wounds
Heightened Awareness
Polypurpose Panacea
Urban Grace


From a family of well respected arcanists in the borders of Kyonin, life would have been very well for Tensalriun if he could interact with arcane energies. The first of his family in their known records in this regard, he was still able to become integrated into the town by way of the arts. Even with this, he was still very much a black sheep, not only within his family but the town, leaving him with only appearances and nothing substantial outside his family.

He became obsessed with perfecting something besides the arcane to stand out, and earn the respect that his family name demands. Being a patron of the arts, he furiously started a career in painting and poetry, taking in all the information he could lay his eyes upon. This lead him to go beyond the town, seeking hidden secrets and tucked away places. The one elf who had the most impact from these excursions he would take was a druid who dispensed wisdom and knowledge upon the young Tensalriun, teaching him not only how to craft pigments directly from nature, but also that he would never master anything if it wasn’t for himself.

Tenslariun took this to heart and this only kindled the burning fury within him, and he would spend weeks locked away, working, perfecting. It was not long before he was known as eccentric, and avoided all together. Eventually, this lead to being sent away to study the arts, and to keep him away from the public eye in his hometown.

For years Tensalriun stayed in Korvosa, studying at the place of learning, ingraining himself into the city. But he never felt at home there, always remembering Korvosa as the place where he was shunted to, and why he was sent there although it had never been said to him outright, he knew. Even being able to get out of the city for excursions, mostly to see the Shoanti tribes that roamed the land to learn about a new growing passion: alchemy. His experiments with pigments had lead him to accidentally create a glob of paste that soothed minor burns, both cooling and healing them. Curiosity got the better of him and thus an alchemist was born. Selling his wares to those that could afford them and helping those who had nothing earned him respect in Korvosa, and eased the pains of the past. But the future was coming quick, with dark clouds forming before the storm. Pained to leave this place he had found some peace in, he left for Riddleport, hoping that he could achieve respect there and to scour the Cyphermage’s Guild for ancient alchemical formulas of eras past and to continue research of new alchemical creations, as he lost most of his notes in the journey to Riddleport.

Currently, he is the head advertiser and promoter for the Golden Goblin after failing to do a decent job of spotting cheaters. This is a much better use of his skills as he actually has experience in these types of matters.


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