Saul Vancaskerkin

Propriator of the Golden Goblin Gambling Hall


A middle aged, short, human man with slicked back hair. He has a stump on his left hand that ends in a strange looking key.


Current owner and proprietor of the newly re-opened Golden Goblin Gambling Hall.

Spent much of his youth moving from gang to gang. Selling out old bosses for more favorable positions with bigger bosses. Managed to do this for years until his son was involved in a scandal involving a local prostitute named Lavendar Lil and an alchemist named Falk. Falk’s body was found in the river and witnesses placed Orik nearby. Orik fled the city for parts unknown doing further damage to the Vancaskerkin name. He asked his second on Verik to aid him in covering up key evidence, but Verik had enough with his father’s life of crime and fled Riddleport as well to become a member of the Korvosan guard.

Murder is not uncommon in Riddleport, but matters were made worse as Falk was the brother of one of Riddleport’s crime lords named Clegg Zincher. Zincher called in a favour with the Overlord and had Saul’s home surrounded by gendarmes waiting to arrest him. His plan fell apart when it was apparent Saul’s home was on fire. The gendarmes stopped the fire from spreading not before it took the life of his third wife Bertrinda. Saul was caught in a nearby alley trying to flee. It was apparent that he had tried to murder his wife and fake his own death to distract the gendarmes long enough to escape the city.

The Overlord was not pleased, but at Zincher’s request, had Saul’s execution “downgraded” to heavy fines and his left hand. Zincher was not doing this for mercy, he wanted Saul alive, but destitute and maimed so he could live for a long time with the repercussions of his family’s role in the death of Falk Zincher.

Saul Vancaskerkin

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