Elf ranger


Elven Lantern Bearer who saved the PCs from an ambush of wererats.

From the distant Ekujae tribe of the Mwangi Expanse. A tribe whose ancestry goes back to before the Earthfall. They managed to survive the Age of Darkness.

Shamans of his village preserver memories and legends from long ago through stories. Many of these stories refer to the darkness that has past and possible premonitions of a second darkness in the future. Kwava is descended from a long line of heroes who have served the shamans since ancient times. A shaman of his village received a vision of a lone elf holding a single light above a vast darkness. Kwava left to go explore Golarion for, eventually coming to the town of Crying Leaf in the Meiranai forest. He learned of the Shin’Rakorath and their rhetoric “To be the light against the coming darkness”. He then joined the company.

Upon first meeting the PCs after the ambush, he will offer them a simple meal of fruits and venison and make the m an offer about helping them find a rogue elf that may be in cahoots with Saul.



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