Second Darkness

Chapter 2: Tales from a Seaboo

Level 1 bullshit

We begin this session with the heroes waking up after a wild night of slave-freeing shenanigans.

After breakfast, they are asked by Saul Vancaskerkin to deliver a note to the Cypher Lodge. After delivering the note, they are met by Clifton Gallegus, a friend of Olethros. Gallegus asks Olethros and his newfound compatriots if they would be willing to hunt down locate a member of the Order of Cyphers who has not paid his dues in some months. A man named Harry Dresdon

After locating Dresdon’s house, and discovering some well placed bear traps, our heroes descended into the secret tunnel below Dresdon’s house. Discovering that the owner of the house is long dead, and the only people living there were a group of squatters, the heroes locate Dresdon’s missing dues and return to Clifton.

Having had a good day, our heroes finish off the evening with some good old fashioned hookers and booze. Their last night before the grand re-re-opening of the Golden Goblin.

The day of the opening is a busy one for our heroes. The floor manager Larur Feldin collects them together and introduces each of them to their respective staff and turns them loose for training.

p.During the evening, some disgruntled sailors, angry that the tournament the other night was cut short, decided to cause a ruckus. Our heroes tried to discourage them from making a scene, however their requests fell upon deaf ears. The sailors lashed out and a good old fashioned fist fight began. While Tensalriun, Vex, and Anton were locked fisticuffs with the sailors, Olethros stayed true to his duties as a bartender and kept the drinks flowing. With some fancy, albeit futile footwork from Anton, and not-so-creative usage of colour spray, the sailors were put down and hauled off by the Gentearms.

With our swift dispatching of the sailors, Saul decided that he would no longer permit weapons (on the patrons at least) in the Golden Goblin. Proclaiming to his enemies in the city.

After a few uneventful nights, a worried Saul called our heroes up to the catwalks to spy on a particular patron playing a game of Golem. This man was none other than the Crimelord Clegg Zincher. Saul, unhappy with Clegg’s, presence in his casino, told the heroes to keep an eye on Zincher while he was within the casino.

Of course our heroes could not be satisfied with merely watching, and thus they decided to say hello. After a few rounds of Golem, and some nice conversation, Zincher collected his money and left the casino. A short while later, a scream is heard in one of the back rooms of the casino, and a waiter calls for help. A cindersnake was found in one of the wash bins in the kitchen and one of the barmaids had been bit. Once snake was dealt with, our heroes located a note with crude drawing of Saul, missing both hands and the words “Looking to go two for two, Saul? Pack up, get out oftown, and you’ll be fine!”.

Concerned they had caught the ire of someone in the city, our heroes did some digging into Saul and Clegg’s past and begun to pick up supplies (and table legs).

And so ends session 2.


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