Second Darkness

Chapter 1: The Story Begins

Wild Times at the Golden Goblin

In the opening scene to our adventure, our heroes are enjoying themselves an the Cheat The Devil and Take His Gold tournament at the newly reopened Golden Goblin Gambling Hall. However, the evening festivities were cut short when Angvar Thistlecrit, his lover Thuvalia, and their band of thugs attempted to steal the tournament prize.

The heist was quickly thwarted by our fledgling heroes and their generous applications of Color Spray. Once things had settled down, the owner of the Golden Goblin, Saul Vancaskerkin, approached the group and offered them positions as junior partners and specialists and the Goblin. Working directly under him.

From there, the heroes went to the House of the Silken Veil to enjoy themselves and look to recruit some servers to replace those that had quit the Goblin earlier in the night. Content Not Found: null decided he would sample a pair of the local women whilst Olethros arranged a meeting with High Priestess Shorafa Pamodae to see if she knew of any competitors in town who she could benefit from losing staff.

After a night of drunken shenanigans (and possible property damage). Our heroes surveyed the brothel Shofara suggested they could recruit from, The Bronze Bosom. After surveying the place. They ‘hire’ a few of the ladies and discover that the brothel is in fact a front for the slave trade and run by another of Riddleport’s crimelords, Boss Croat. After the ladies they will be rescued. The group formulated a plan to disguise themselves as a gang known as the Red Reavers. In the dead of night, they snuck into the Bosom, incapacitated the staff, and rescued the girls.

And so ends the first session.


poirier_j_mike matthew_van_es

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