Second Darkness

Chapter 4: Rotgut Ripper Reaped.

The morning following Anton and Thibault’s duel, our heroes found themselves approached by one of Clifton’s apprentices summoning them to the cipher lodge. With nothing better to do they made haste to lodge, knowing better than to keep the cipher mages waiting. At the lodge they were directed by the secretary up to a different room than on their previous visits. In said room they found themselves confronted by none other than Elias Tammerhawk himself. He discussed their proposal to convert Saint Casprians into a temple devoted to Nethys, and to use it to increase cipher mage control in the Rotgut district. The idea was approved and they were to proceed right away, albeit slowly so as not to attract attention or suspicion from the other crime lords. Upon there arrival they discovered the church to be seemingly abandoned. After searching the place our heroes found the father and his apprentice held hostage by none other than Belthias Krune and his lackeys. After an incredibly tiresome fight they proved victorious and freed the father and his ward. Vexx wanted to put Krune down after what he had done but Tensalrian wouldn’t have it. The argued for a spell but the some cipher mages from the lodge appeared to check up on us and took care of our dispute for us. Krune was to be imprisoned and interrogated by the order of ciphers and taken care of. With their mission complete, they returned to the order of ciphers to report their success to Tammerhawk. Telsarian requested a piece of land both relocate the remnants of the church and to open a house of healing for the city. Tammerhawk accepted on the condition that he use his alchemical skills to produce supplies for the order. Telsarian agreed and was granted the use of the late Dresden’s property.


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