Second Darkness

Second Darkness Second Beginning

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Chapter 5: Rocks fall, Everyone spies

Coming soon…er than last time.

Chapter 4: Rotgut Ripper Reaped.

The morning following Anton and Thibault’s duel, our heroes found themselves approached by one of Clifton’s apprentices summoning them to the cipher lodge. With nothing better to do they made haste to lodge, knowing better than to keep the cipher mages waiting. At the lodge they were directed by the secretary up to a different room than on their previous visits. In said room they found themselves confronted by none other than Elias Tammerhawk himself. He discussed their proposal to convert Saint Casprians into a temple devoted to Nethys, and to use it to increase cipher mage control in the Rotgut district. The idea was approved and they were to proceed right away, albeit slowly so as not to attract attention or suspicion from the other crime lords. Upon there arrival they discovered the church to be seemingly abandoned. After searching the place our heroes found the father and his apprentice held hostage by none other than Belthias Krune and his lackeys. After an incredibly tiresome fight they proved victorious and freed the father and his ward. Vexx wanted to put Krune down after what he had done but Tensalrian wouldn’t have it. The argued for a spell but the some cipher mages from the lodge appeared to check up on us and took care of our dispute for us. Krune was to be imprisoned and interrogated by the order of ciphers and taken care of. With their mission complete, they returned to the order of ciphers to report their success to Tammerhawk. Telsarian requested a piece of land both relocate the remnants of the church and to open a house of healing for the city. Tammerhawk accepted on the condition that he use his alchemical skills to produce supplies for the order. Telsarian agreed and was granted the use of the late Dresden’s property.

Chapter 3: A Duel, A Church... And a Goat.
The One with the Goat

We were closing our evening with a few rounds of gholem as usual, this evening I took the round. Afterwards Tensa went over the ledgers with Laurer at his request. Laurer had found some discrepencies and wanted Tensa to confirm his suspicions. He said he suspects this to be the work of Belthias Krune, an infamous but petty thief and peddler. Our sources told us Belthias operates out of Split-hog alley, at the church of St. Casprian’s Salvation.

We made our way to St. Casprians under cover of night, planning to slip past the clerics of the sun while their god sleeps. There was little difficulty in entering the church. Upstairs we found a cache in the bell tower containing our stolen merchandise and a little extra for our troubles. Continuing our exploration of the place, we encountered two gamblers, a short man and a half orc. The half man claimed no part and, quite literally tried to back stab Vex. Luckily, his aim was off and he failed in his endeavor. He did however, escape us and fled into the night. The half orc attempted to stop us by throwing a crate with one of his pet scorpions inside it. I squashed the bug with little effort. This threw the half orc into a rage and he took down Telsarian in his fury. We dispatched him quickly after that and brought Telsarian back to his feet. On our way out of the church we encountered Belthias himself pretending to be a beggar. Elethrose had his way with him and quickly dispatched him with some hypnotic magic and talked him down.

I most confess I remember little else of that evening. I know we returned to the goblin where we gave Laurer the good news. Tensalrian, must have been very thankful for the hand up in the church because he talked me up to many of the ladies that were at the bar that night. With his aid I left the bar with no fewer than 6 ladies that evening and had more than I’ve ever drank before. The following morning I stumbled back to the goblin to greet everyone. They obviously had continued the party without me for they looked ragged and Elethrose had apparently only returned just before I did, no doubt on one of his drunken bouts. We were approached that day by a lovely half-elf named Samaritha Beldusk who was looking for work. She had come from afar to try and earn an apprenticeship with the cipher mages that the rest of my partners are so fond of. She traveled here with only what she needed, and with only what she could carry on her back. After some deliberation we decided to take her on a trial period and see what she could do. So we sent her for a quick training session with Lixxy to get her ready for the evening.

The rest of the day went by as it usually does, but the evening held a surprise in store for us. The night was bustling, when I heard a familiar voice in the crowd. My old rival Thibault had arrived at our establishment. He’d heard I was in town and was looking to settle the score and show everyone who the greatest swordsman in Korvosi really was. I wasn’t going to make a scene to potentially disrupt the evening so I told him we’d have our duel after. When the evening settled down we began to set things up. Our staff arranged a dueling stage for us. I took a shot from the bar and received some words of wisdom and encouragement from Elethrose (Although they escape me at this moment). I returned to the stage to face my rival, and with that our dance began. We were both moving cautiously, and I was first to strike. With one quick strike Thibault sliced across the hilt of my rapier and removed a piece of it. Blow after blow I thrust but was unable to land a hit. It wasn’t soon after that Thibault disarmed me. Luckily I had a dagger as a back up until I was able to retrieve my weapon. But again he disarmed me. Again and again he struck and I was unable to hold my own against him. I was reaching my limit and at my wits end. I only had one more chance. I reached for a table leg and brandishing that as my new weapon I struck back. I had gained the upper hand, if only for a moment. My momentum was short lived and Thibault struck the final blow.

I awoke some time later sore, not from Thibault’s blade, but from a wound long ago remembered. I retired for the remainder of this evening, with heavy heart and broken blade.

Chapter 2: Tales from a Seaboo
Level 1 bullshit

We begin this session with the heroes waking up after a wild night of slave-freeing shenanigans.

After breakfast, they are asked by Saul Vancaskerkin to deliver a note to the Cypher Lodge. After delivering the note, they are met by Clifton Gallegus, a friend of Olethros. Gallegus asks Olethros and his newfound compatriots if they would be willing to hunt down locate a member of the Order of Cyphers who has not paid his dues in some months. A man named Harry Dresdon

After locating Dresdon’s house, and discovering some well placed bear traps, our heroes descended into the secret tunnel below Dresdon’s house. Discovering that the owner of the house is long dead, and the only people living there were a group of squatters, the heroes locate Dresdon’s missing dues and return to Clifton.

Having had a good day, our heroes finish off the evening with some good old fashioned hookers and booze. Their last night before the grand re-re-opening of the Golden Goblin.

The day of the opening is a busy one for our heroes. The floor manager Larur Feldin collects them together and introduces each of them to their respective staff and turns them loose for training.

p.During the evening, some disgruntled sailors, angry that the tournament the other night was cut short, decided to cause a ruckus. Our heroes tried to discourage them from making a scene, however their requests fell upon deaf ears. The sailors lashed out and a good old fashioned fist fight began. While Tensalriun, Vex, and Anton were locked fisticuffs with the sailors, Olethros stayed true to his duties as a bartender and kept the drinks flowing. With some fancy, albeit futile footwork from Anton, and not-so-creative usage of colour spray, the sailors were put down and hauled off by the Gentearms.

With our swift dispatching of the sailors, Saul decided that he would no longer permit weapons (on the patrons at least) in the Golden Goblin. Proclaiming to his enemies in the city.

After a few uneventful nights, a worried Saul called our heroes up to the catwalks to spy on a particular patron playing a game of Golem. This man was none other than the Crimelord Clegg Zincher. Saul, unhappy with Clegg’s, presence in his casino, told the heroes to keep an eye on Zincher while he was within the casino.

Of course our heroes could not be satisfied with merely watching, and thus they decided to say hello. After a few rounds of Golem, and some nice conversation, Zincher collected his money and left the casino. A short while later, a scream is heard in one of the back rooms of the casino, and a waiter calls for help. A cindersnake was found in one of the wash bins in the kitchen and one of the barmaids had been bit. Once snake was dealt with, our heroes located a note with crude drawing of Saul, missing both hands and the words “Looking to go two for two, Saul? Pack up, get out oftown, and you’ll be fine!”.

Concerned they had caught the ire of someone in the city, our heroes did some digging into Saul and Clegg’s past and begun to pick up supplies (and table legs).

And so ends session 2.

Chapter 1: The Story Begins
Wild Times at the Golden Goblin

In the opening scene to our adventure, our heroes are enjoying themselves an the Cheat The Devil and Take His Gold tournament at the newly reopened Golden Goblin Gambling Hall. However, the evening festivities were cut short when Angvar Thistlecrit, his lover Thuvalia, and their band of thugs attempted to steal the tournament prize.

The heist was quickly thwarted by our fledgling heroes and their generous applications of Color Spray. Once things had settled down, the owner of the Golden Goblin, Saul Vancaskerkin, approached the group and offered them positions as junior partners and specialists and the Goblin. Working directly under him.

From there, the heroes went to the House of the Silken Veil to enjoy themselves and look to recruit some servers to replace those that had quit the Goblin earlier in the night. Content Not Found: null decided he would sample a pair of the local women whilst Olethros arranged a meeting with High Priestess Shorafa Pamodae to see if she knew of any competitors in town who she could benefit from losing staff.

After a night of drunken shenanigans (and possible property damage). Our heroes surveyed the brothel Shofara suggested they could recruit from, The Bronze Bosom. After surveying the place. They ‘hire’ a few of the ladies and discover that the brothel is in fact a front for the slave trade and run by another of Riddleport’s crimelords, Boss Croat. After the ladies they will be rescued. The group formulated a plan to disguise themselves as a gang known as the Red Reavers. In the dead of night, they snuck into the Bosom, incapacitated the staff, and rescued the girls.

And so ends the first session.

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